The intention of this checklist is that you understand
your specific needs.


  • For what purpose I use the villa?
    I think of holidays or just for personal use?
  • If I'm going to hire the villa still regard as my home?
    I find it O.K. the furniture and household effects very quickly wear out, and that the villa also incur excessive wear themselves by frequently changing tenants?
    I have already discussed the cost-benefit analysis of rental versus not rent?
    As a rule, do you gain by not hiring because of the added value will be greater after 5 or 10 years. If the cash flow is allowing the most cost effective option and you retain complete control over your property (you come and go whenever you want)
    How much time I'm going to be at the villa? permanent - holiday - later?
    The proximity of the sea important to me?
    I want complete rest? (What does that mean for me?)
    The view is important to me?
    I like your neighbors? If so many or few?
    How far will it be from the airport? I need to be there frequently?
    I build private villa or a company or other structure? (Succession planning)
    How big the villa should be, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, etc.
    Do I want a pool? I want there to swim and when?
    How big should the plot?
    Whatever style I like, modern or traditional?
    From when I wish to use the villa?
    What is the budget that I want to spend?

  • You can grant the request points to some more like that are important to you.
  • After this exercise, you will be better able to refine your search you will generate a lot of time and a villa close (more) suits your needs.
  • Did you like this text in a word processor, please send us an email.
    Consider yourself any questions that are important to you.
  • It is normal if you ask a lot of questions that still recover.
    Do not be put off by it but use this to further refine your choice.
  • Think once about the aspects that you want to give and the ones you certainly do not specify.
    Note that the purchase of real estate is always a compromise. The deed of purchase is not just called "compromise" in our language!