For Gerd's story begins in the Costa Blanca, much more recently, he has several decades of experience as a manager in real estate companies and real estate development.

By coincidence we both came simultaneously to the conclusion that there is still much to be improved in the Costa Blanca in the area of new villas.
As our extpertises are complementary, cooperation was the best step to make 1 + 1 = 3.

Together we have over 60 years of experience!
Thanks to the complementary knowledge, extensive network and solid financial basis we are able to offer the finest contemporary villas to our clients located on beautiful large plots of at least 1 ha. at a competitive price.

After many months of study, brainstorming and meetings, then the search starts for the right people, the right infrastructure, the best construction company, best notary, etc.

We are therefore confident that we offer a tremendous value in the Costa Blanca. Our knowledge of the two countries have different laws and customs is a huge asset, this is supplemented by other capabilities that we can take on any challenge.


We hope that you will experience as much fun and enjoy
Costa Blanca as we do.