With Drimmo Invest s.l. you work with a partner who has in-house expertise unmatched.


Nowhere else will you find this combined expertise.

  • The years of experience in both regions ensures that we perfectly know what are the best solutions.
    We regularly attend seminars on the legal and tax legislation, ditto for the financial knowledge and structural developments.
    The guidance in Flanders and one of the Costa Blanca by the same people is unique! We speak your language and of course Spanish.
    We work to the highest standards, inter alia, with solar water heaters, ventilation, high efficiency glass, very good certificate value, etc.
    We have very good contacts with the Spanish banks.
    Also for choice when working through a Spanish company split or purchase as part of succession planning, we can inform and guide perfectly.
    Drimmo invested S.L. is anchored in a solid Flemish real estate group.
    Thanks to the specializations in different complementary areas, years of experience network and market knowledge we can offer a top service and top villa.